Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Doughnut Economics

Bluey here,

The strangest thing happened this morning. I was about to send Saturn an email, when all of a sudden, I fell down an internet rabbit hole and came across this TEDx. Listen for when human, Kate Raworth, mentions my GP, Dr Steffen, and my former GP, Dr Rockstrom, at 8.50 minutes!

It seems my 'Planetary Boundaries' are becoming increasingly integrated with other, more obscure human disciplines like human economics. Promising—I think. Despite not being medical or scientific in definition, Raworth's 'life support system' provides a novel way of thinking about my various illnesses and an interesting model for humans—and their so-called 'finance ministers'—to integrate Earth Science into their decision making apparatus. It's just a pity Doughnut Economics—which I learnt is going from a ‘doughnut’ to a book soon—hasn't had all that much attention: only 14,394 views on YouTube.

'The Doughnut' (Source: Doughnut Economics)

Raworth situates the ideal human economy between two circles. The outside of the doughnut, she labels the ‘environmental ceiling’; the inside, the ‘social foundation’. The doughnut, itself, represents ‘the safe and just space for humanity’. I can't help but think that 'the safe and just space for humanity' looks about as thin as my atmosphere and as likely as the sun not rising tomorrow. Nevertheless, I'll watch Raworth's Doughnut with interest and be sure to raise the chemical pollution and atmospheric aeresol loading aspects (upside down and at the bottom in the diagram above) with my GP, Dr Steffen. Why? Because I'm positive he never raised these as issues at our original consultation.

Yours for awhile,


  1. Hey Bluey,

    This Kate Muggle is lovely! And this is the healthiest doughnut I have ever seen!

    Oh my comet, humans are such entropy divas!
    They burp out so much degraded quality output energy that I am rather surprised they are still surviving in your atmosphere and not exploding in clouds of methane more often (that would be rather entertaining, I do love a bit of Hollywood-style action).

    I used to think economics was for the hard and rocky (Mercury can't get enough it) but then Political Ecology told me about the economics, environment and society love triangle - such drama, I love it!

    So what is going to happen to this doughnut? Is it going to become a regular in the next episodes or dissolve at the bottom of the planetary imdb pages as "extra #2"?

    This Earth series is getting more and more exciting. Keep up the great entertainment!!


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